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I am in tears


Oh my actual like, what. 0hjiongklb

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New Account

I feel like getting back on Tumblr, but want a fresh start. Gonna refollow everybody I follow on this one.

I hate being so fucking upset at myself. I should keep to myself, expressing how I feel is just a problem.

Reason why I don’t say how things make me feel

It’s impossible for me to say how I feel, just to state how I’m feeling, without somebody thinking that my feeling implies I want something done about what made me feel that way. I just want to say how I feel. I’m not looking for a solution. Why is it so hard to just express my feelings without someone asking how they can change it. How about you just accept my emotion and move on. I honestly hate not being able to just say I feel bothered by something without it blowing up.


I have the feeling you’re going to end up getting bored with me.

I hate how emotional I am.

I love this picture of our sushi date.

I love this picture of our sushi date.

Her friend felt like pretending to be a photographer

I’ve been really really really really really really inactive lol
I kinda wanna come back, but idk